Building Your Sales One Relationship at a Time


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All markets have marketers in a huge number of niches. Unfortunately, people don’t like to be “sold.” What makes them buy eventually is based on a solid and trusting relationship. A relationship that is mutually beneficial.

Relationships don’t happen by accident. They need to be cultivated, nurtured, and tended to on a very regular basis. Once you have earned the trust, credibility, and respect of your prospective clients, you will see how much the relationship flourishes and that they will no only eventually want to buy what you are selling but will also want to tell everyone else about how wonderful your offerings are and why those other people should buy them also.

In order to devise a sales sequence, you must decide upon how you want to approach the prospective customer and how you want to proceed with your sales strategy. It is extremely important for you to understand how your potential customers think and feel and to approach the relationship carefully and sensitively so that you can build it and that it lasts throughout time.

Be Selective: There may be many people who respond to your promotional efforts but it doesn’t make sense for you to engage with everyone who enquires about your products and/or services. It is important for you to have a clear understanding from the beginning of the specific type of customer with whom you would like to interact. The relationship should be cultivated naturally and the connection that you have together should be authentic and meaningful. Your customer will feel your genuine interest and will begin to trust you.

Know Your Customer's Expectations: Not all clients are looking for the same level of service. If you don’t understand their expectations, you may not be able to meet their needs. Even after you have acquired them as a client, make sure that you stay up to date on what their needs are at all times. Continue to reassure them that they matter (through words and actions), and that you have not forgotten them once the deal was signed.

Let Them Know Where To Find You: As mentioned before, you should have consistent contact with your clients. The communication can be in several different forms, including newsletters, Emails, phone calls, etc. There will be many occasions in which you won’t be able to "seal the deal" immediately. You may have to wait. You must implement the sales sequence and not try to sell your services in one step. On average, you may have to initiate seven times before achieving a breakthrough.

Maintain open lines of communication: This is the most important step. Have a clear understanding of how often they would like to speak with you and understand which methods are best for reaching them, as well as how they can reach you quickly. It's all about building trust and maintaining respect throughout the entire business relationship, which will hopefully be a long one.

You must root yourself well as an expert and begin to think and act as one.


Once you really understand these five keys to relationship building, you will be set to devise an effective and mind-blowing sales sequence. Always remember that it is not only all about people and relationships but more importantly, it is about making sure that you are able to solve their problems.

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Marco Giunta is a Senior Business Development Executive and the author of the book: Rethinking Sales.

He is a leading expert in Global Outsourcing with a focus on banking, financial services and other Industry sectors and has a long list of clients. Mr. Giunta is a speaker and presenter. He has led start-ups, business strategy groups, technology think tanks and has experience as a career coach. Visit Marco’s website at

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