About CompuKol Communications LLC

compu-kol?  ? [kuhm-pyoo-kol] dictionary_questionbutton_selected

1. Computer technology and Internet Communications company. “compu” stands for computer technology and “kol,” which is a word that has two meanings, “voice” and “all,” is part of the company name because the message that comes from our clients after we have created their “voice” is all encompassing.

CompuKol Communications LLC got its start in 1995 by providing internet and web design solutions for small not-for-profit organizations in the NY/NJ Tri-state area. Subsequently, our business expanded to reach global audience. We have expanded our services to include promotional and nonpromotional/educational editing and writing, while broadening our services into complete communication solutions for small businesses. We cover both online and print content. Today, we specialize in developing communication strategies for small businesses that require expertise in promoting a unique business voice and vision on the web and offline.

CompuKol Communications LLC helps small businesses gain increased exposure, visibility, credibility and trustworthiness on the Internet. We accomplish this by building or rebuilding a content-rich online presence for your business; we employ Internet marketing techniques and utilize blog and social media technologies.

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The CompuKol Communications LLC services and solutions are delivered by a group of veteran specialists, each with specific areas of expertise. Whether you are looking for help with web strategies, search engine optimization, lead generation, social media strategies, reputation management, or writing and editing, we have an expert ready to help.

Below is a short synopsis of our core team members:

Michael Cohn - Founder & Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Carolyn T. Cohn - Co-Founder & Chief Editor
Robert R. Sachs - Writing Services
Ariana S. Sheehan - Senior Writer

CompuKol Communications LLC help small businesses gain increased exposure on the Internet. We accomplish this by building or rebuilding a content-rich online presence for your business; we employ Internet marketing techniques and utilize blog and social media technologies.

When we apply social media marketing techniques to your business, your business will have an established solid presence on the Internet and become a voice in your industry. Your business will stand out from the crowd while forming long-term partnerships that reinforce your expertise and further strengthen your brand. Our social media marketing strategy will help you bring in leads that have been prescreened and will be converted from visitors to loyal customers, maintain your existing repeat customer base, and return the best possible marketing return on investment.

We handle clients’ web needs from analysis of requirements, information architecture, site design and development, ISP selection, installation, search engine optimization (SEO), web promotion, and maintenance. We offer online writing and editing: online newsletters, magazine and newspaper articles, blogs, wikis, and discussion forums.

On the print media side, we bring two decades of experience to the ever-challenging process of creating compelling and unique content. We offer transcription from audio files, book reviews, journal articles, abstracts, posters, web content, newsletters, and newspaper articles. On the editing side, we offer content editing and copyediting/proofreading of all materials that we write as well as materials that have already been written and need to be revised or rewritten.

Our services are defined under the  What We Do menu above and can be contracted as individual services or as combined packages.

CompuKol Communications Mission

CompuKol Communications’ primary mission is to provide quality services that meet or exceed our client’s expectations.

Our goal at CompuKol Communications LLC is to provide advanced, innovative, quality solutions, along with leading customer service and support at affordable prices.

We appreciate our clients’ trust to work on their online presence and communication needs. Therefore, we are driven by a few very simple yet important principles:

  • Compukol Communications’ #1 focus is the customer. We clearly understands that our clients give us the opportunity for growth and success.

  • We are dedicated to continuously providing our clients with the best services possible.

  • Behind every successful company is a team of very successful people. Talented people are the key to success. CompuKol Communications is fortunate to have a team of professionals with the necessary skills and drive to provide our clients with a superior service. Empowering our staff is the key to their performance and, ultimately, our customers’ satisfaction. A powerful network also stand behind us.

  • Our customer approach is very straightforward but effective. Our entire staff is equally responsible for supporting our clients at all times.

CompuKol Communications LLC has prospered throughout the years by following the fundamental principles of customer care, attention to detail, value proposition, and ongoing innovation. We hope you decide to let the quality that we have dedicated ourselves to cultivating here work for you by choosing CompuKol Communications for your online presence development and communication needs.

What’s In It For You?

For Web Presence and Social Media Marketing

What's In It For Me?

Web presence that is effective, efficient, and fulfills your business goals

Increased exposure and strengthening your business reputation on the Internet

Increased ranking and visibility of your business with search engines

Fraction of the cost of traditional marketing and advertising

You gain more prequalified traffic to your business web presence, which will result in increased leads, sales, profits, and ROI

For Writing and Editing Services


Writing and editing that connects with your audience and communicates your vision

Increased content quality that attracts potential customers

Incredible writing and editing that makes your copy sing

Fast, reliable service that will exceed your expectations

Your reputation will cntinue to grow through your exceptional words

How do we help you achieve that?

We provide you with timely, affordable, high-quality service

Integrity, ethics, and fairness are an integral part of our business relationship with you

Invaluable team expertise with a wide range of skills and experience is available to you

Fabulous personal attention and ongoing support are always at your fingertips

Your satisfaction and success are our first priority