What our Clients say about our Services

Testimonials – Like any company, we are always happy to hear that our services are appreciated. Here are some of the comments that our clients have made.

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"My first encounter with Compukol was meeting Carolyn at a chamber of commerce networking event. Right off the bat, I found her to be a very warm and engaging individual. I later learned that in her role as Co-Founder and Chief Editor, she is a prolific and polished writer of clear, concise, social media blog posts. If you are looking to model your social media marketing content after anyone, go no farther than Carolyn Cohn.

I later had the pleasure of meeting her partner Michael, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at an Executive Club of New Jersey Meetup Group event that he hosts once a month, which provides informal networking and opportunities for business promotion. I subsequently took his LinkedIn Training Course. He mesmerized me with his depth and breadth of Social Media Marketing expertise and went well beyond the course content to ensure that my website and all my other social media platforms were communicating a consistent message. I learned that you can have the greatest content in the world, but if it doesn’t get to the intended target in an acceptable and palatable form that they will access and read, it is of little value.

In summary, Michael and Carolyn provided me with an effective one-two punch. She provided model content, and he provided an effective distribution strategy. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who wants to optimize what and how they communicate with their potential customers."

Ian Coburn    Founder and sole Social/Worker Life Coach at One Rung at a Time LLC    Website   
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"Michael is amazing at creating a plan and sticking to it. The results are almost immediate. He is easy to work with and really cares about what he does."

Ken Rosenfield    Founder and CEO, Detail USA    Website   
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"Carolyn's copyediting is top notch. Her consistent attention to detail and command of the AMA guidelines has inspired my confidence in her work on our very technical documents. Our company has repeatedly trusted Carolyn to add the vital copyediting polish to our large data-intensive projects. It is evident she takes deadlines as seriously as we do and provides her quality copyediting quickly and efficiently. Additionally, Carolyn's professionalism and people-skills make collaborating with her a true delight."

Jamie Clark, RPh    Associate Director, Aventine Consulting, LLC.    Website   
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"I attended one of Michael Cohn’s seminars. I was amazed that our firm’s use of LinkedIn was just scratching the surface of potential for this major social media site. As architects, we often post photographs of our buildings which can bring in new clients who are considering similar projects. Michael’s advice led us to a much deeper understanding of LinkedIn and had interesting results. First, many people who already knew us responded. It is important that our company is in their consciousness once again. More importantly, we secured a new client whom we never would have connected with otherwise."

Joel Ives    AIA Architect, Partner at The Ives Architecture Studio    Website   
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"I have used the services of CompuKol Communications for several different projects for my medical communication company. I have found the personnel courteous, prompt and extremely creative and knowledgeable. Not only were they able to put our ideas into a very creative solution but they also came up with several novel and intriguing concepts which we used for various other projects. Overall, they were a delight to work with, very creative and knowledgeable with reasonable prices. They were all extremely passionate regarding their work and worked very hard to exceed my expectations, they always did. Thank you CompuKol Communications."

Joseph M. Capasso, PhD    President and CEO - Legend Medical Communications, Inc.   
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"Carolyn owns a great knowledge on the job to do and knows how to combine scientific data with market trends. She is not happy until her job is not perfect and exceeds the client's expectations. I strongly recommend Carolyn for her medical writing and editorial skills. She is really a pleasure to work with."

Ricardo Maamari MD, NCMP    Global/US Medical Director, Hormone Therapy, Novo Nordisk Inc    Website   
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“I found CompuKol Communications very easy to work with. They understood my vision for the website right away and executed it perfectly. Their personal touch is truly professional and their work is of the highest quality. I have and will continue to recommend them to anybody who is in need of web solutions.”

Daniel Rovny, PT, Cert MDT    President and CEO, Able Bodies   
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"Michael is very knowledgeable on how to build an internet following using a wide range of internet and social media tools. If you are looking for someone who understands what needs to be done and how to do it, you don't need to look any further than Michael.

Carolyn is an excellent editor. She takes content and does an outstanding job of editing and repurposing the content to reach new audiences."

Allan Berger    Berger Business Advisors    Website   
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"It is my great pleasure to recommend Carolyn Cohn to you. I have been working with Carolyn for many years. She is a great writer and editor. She is also very hard working and focused. In short, she gets the job done, in a very effective and efficient way.
On top of this she is very obliging and pleasant to work with."

Dr. Brian Monger    CEO Marketing Association International    Website   
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"Despite the fact that I consider myself to be skilled at the use of social media, Michael Cohn & Compukol have been incredibly helpful in refining my understanding and implementation of Linkedin and Twitter. Whether you are interested in using social media for personal or business interests, I highly recommend speaking with Michael at Compukol. Michael can offer invaluable insight in this increasingly important field. Do yourself a favor schedule a meeting with Compukol!"

Marc Leibowitz    Director - Investments, Oppenheimer & Co.    Website   
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"CompuKol Communications was a tremendous help when we first tried to establish our original website. They had great ideas of their own, yet still responded very positively to our ideas and input. We greatly appreciated the personal attention that we received from CompuKol Communications and would recommend their services to others."

Tova Kantrowitz    American Technion Society    Website   
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“I have had the pleasure to work with Carolyn over the past year on several projects. As a copyeditor, Carolyn is extremely detail-oriented and has delivered high quality work on-time and within budget. She has been very flexible under tight timelines and is extraordinarily knowledgeable on AMA style. Carolyn is able to combine her technical expertise with common sense and a sense of humor, a rare combination of qualities! I look forward to working with Carolyn in the future.”

Holly Trautman, PharmD, MS    Executive Director, Aventine Consulting, LLC.    Website   
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"CompuKol Communications designed my website, which has been functioning for many years. It is laid out with a spectrum of different topics associated with my research in theoretical physics. It has attracted thousands of viewers and contributors to its various sections over the years. CompuKol Communications enhances businesses, research, and whatever other needs there may be to communicate ideas and ventures. I highly recommend Compukol Communications for their services."

Dr. Mendel Sachs    SUNY Buffalo    Website   
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“CompuKol Communications writing services hit the mark all the time. Professional, creative and on schedule. I have been impressed with the speed, quality, and professionalism displayed by CompuKol Communications. They offer excellent service producing superb results at most reasonable price. I highly recommend CompuKol Communications.”

Andrea Sarkisian    Organon USA Inc.    Website   

“CompuKol Communications did a great job of designing our websites for Karma Businesses LLC. The design work was fresh and imaginative and they were very professional and easy to work with. There was total collaboration in coming up with the design and development of our websites, which is exactly what we wanted and needed. We highly recommend them to anybody in need of web services.”

Oren Ben-Noon    President and CEO, Karma Businesses LLC   
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"Michael has helped our business (Innovation Fitness Solutions - Butler, NJ) make sense of the social media landscape. He combines tried and true methods into the latest technologies to insure that we are seen by the maximum number of people. Our online presence has grown dramatically and our conversions continue to increase too. His great sense of humor makes him easy to work with as well. Thanks Compukol!"

Robert DeVito    Personal Trainer at Innovation Fitness Solutions    Website   
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"The CompuKol Communications team is a brilliant social media strategist, is highly creative, and has helped me in my business tremendously. Their advice has enabled me to increase the traffic to my website by thousands and because of their insightful knowledge and expertise, I have sold many more books than I would have sold otherwise. The team of seasoned professionals truly understands the critical nature of building and maintaining business relationships. CompuKol continues to work with me and they have been instrumental in helping me to grow my business substantially. CompuKol’s advice is always on the mark and I would be delighted to recommend them to anyone who is looking for the type of help that he offers."

Marco Giunta    Author - Rethinking Sales    Website   
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"Carolyn fulfills her role as Chief Editor both credibly and professionally. She is very knowledgeable of the copyediting business and understands her client’s needs. She is very detail-oriented and produces great results for her company. If I had a question about grammar or wording, I would seek her advice.

Michael fulfills his role as CTO and Social Media Strategist both credibly and professionally. He is very knowledgeable of the computing and social media business and understands his client’s needs. He is very detail-oriented and is good at trouble shooting. If I had a question about computers or social media, I would seek his advice.

I highly recommend Michael and Carolyn to anyone in need of their services."

Frank Daversa    Author/Writer    Website   
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“CompuKol Communications’ work is first rate. We use their writers on a continuing basis, both for our in-house blog and our extensive editorial content. I don’t hesitate to recommend CompuKol Communications. They do very professional work and are always conscious of our budget.”

Joey Dweck    CEO WeightLossBuddy.com    Website   
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“CompuKol Communications was a great help to our burgeoning business. When we were clueless, they offered wonderful insights and design ideas. They put order into our chaos when we needed it the most. They are friendly yet professional. I enthusiastically recommend their services.”

Daniel E. Sachs, PhD    Kennesaw State University   
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"Creating and developing a website requires technical sophistication and artistic imagination. CompuKol Communications has it all! They know their stuff and are very adept at quickly solving problems when they come up. Michael keeps abreast of the constant changes that take place on the internet. He helped me create a website that stood out from the rest. Michael knew what content was needed for me to attract new business and how to optimize my position on Google. Besides Michael’s web-based marketing expertise, what stood out for me was his encouragement and advice on how to succeed using LinkedIn. He knows how important it is that I frequently make myself visible on LinkedIn groups using blogs to boost my own credibility and expertise. Michael spent hours with me explaining how to take advantage of all the features that LinkedIn offers, such as finding prospective clients, contacting them, and promoting my own skills and experience. Michael’s expertise on how to effectively use LinkedIn was instrumental in helping me build my coaching business. I came to know and respect Carolyn’s expertise in business content by reading her weekly blogs. Carolyn impressed me as the “go to person” when I needed someone to review and edit my website content and blogs. Reading her blogs shows her years of experience and great writing skills. I highly recommend CompuKol Communications to anyone who wants to be noticed on the internet!"

Barry Meister    President, Enhanced Business Coaching    Website   
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"Michael and his company has the experience and ability to raise the awareness of your presence on the Internet. You can turn to his expertise to ensure that your strategy leverages the power of social media marketing and produces results."

Bill Frechtman    Financial Services Representative at Capstone Financial    Website   
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“I hired CompuKol to design my website, www.humphreylawnj.com. Not only did they do an excellent job with the site, but they were also good at explaining IT concepts to me, a tech neophyte, and training me in the administrator aspects of the site. The content editing services provided by Carolyn were also excellent. I highly recommend CompuKol for website design and SEO needs.”

Geralyn Humphrey    Attorney at Law, The Humphrey Law Firm, L.L.C    Website   
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"Working with Michael is like taking a course at Harvard University. He is incredibly knowledgeable and delivers a professional and detailed course about social media marketing and especially LinkedIn. He shares resources and always answers questions promptly. Mr. Cohn doesn't just "give a man a fish" but rather he "teaches a man how to fish" so he/she can independently use the information.

Carolyn Cohn's teaching on how to write a blog is the best I have ever encountered. She diligently shows you how to write a professional blog that you can be proud of. I recommend Ms. Cohn for her editing as well. "

Dr. Sylvie Heyman    Founder at Healthy Habits Doctor    Website   
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“The service at CompuKol has been exceptional. Their insights and recommendations are sound and effective. When I ask a question, they reply in a timely fashion. They set realistic expectations, while over delivering and providing a meaningful ROI.”

Dan Sato    Marketing/Business Development   
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"Michael knows social media very well and is also a great teacher. He teaches at the right pace that students can absorb the content and keep up with him. He pays particular attention to each student's needs and answers all questions appropriately. I highly recommend him and look forward to other training sessions from him."

Sushil Bhatia    Owner, AnuData Inc.    Website   
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"Michael has the experience and expertise to custom fit and implements the right social media strategy and tools for your business. He is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with."

Boaz Kimelman    Creative Director, Boaz Design LLC    Website   
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"Dear Michael, On behalf of the New Jersey Advertising Club I would like to thank you for taking part in our Smartalk Lecture Series. This Series has been in existence for over 60 years and it is because of dedicated professionals such as yourself that it still continues to be such a success. Your workshop on "Getting the most out of your Linkedln Profile" was wonderful and our board and club members are still talking about it. It was an honor for the New Jersey Advertising Club to hear your finest marketing strategy and creative ideas for using Linkedln."

Sandra Schler    President, New Jersey Advertising Club    Website   
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"I hired Michael Cohn to optimize my WordPress website's SEO and Social Media Marketing, and to provide me with the necessary training for effective blog writing and syndication to social media channels. Michael's intelligence, technical knowledge and expertise is vast, He was able to very quickly ascertain exactly what was needed to achieve my objectives, and communicate the required steps in a logical, clear and patient manner. No easy task for technical wiz like Michael with a non-techie type like myself where the learning curve for this information was steep and potentially frustrating. Michael's technical genius is combined with a great problem solving skill set. My project quickly morphed into something entirely different than initially anticipated yet became exactly what was necessary to achieve our objective. Thanks to Michael, the web aspect of my business is on a great track, set for growth and expansion."

Laura Mannes    Laura Mannes Design    Website