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If you have a blog, you are doing it with an end result in mind. All blogs need goals. Without goals, you won’t accomplish anything at all. Not only do you need goals but you must quantify them.

As a blogger, your mindset needs to be very specific. If your goal is to make money (your immediate goal, not your ultimate goal), it is not really a goal. It is what results from achieving other goals. Remember that you need to be able to set metrics to your goals and you can’t really set metrics to making money. There are goals, however, that you can set that are quantitative and achievable.

  • Reaching others: One of your goals is to reach a specific number of Email subscribers, RSS feed subscribers, high rankings in the search engines, indexed backlinks, unique visitors (per month), and Twitter followers. Not one of the goals that were just mentioned have anything to do with earning money. When you only focus on making money, you lose your focus on how you actually have to go about making money.

    On the other hand, when your focus is on achieving those other goals, the increase in revenue will automatically follow. Certainly, you hear people speaking about how to monetize your blog. The road to making that happen is not always simple and always involves a great deal of hard work. After you have figured out your goals, you can put a plan in place to achieve those goals. You need to figure out how to reach the people in your target list and you need to figure out how to keep them interested after you have reached them.

  • Reaching your goals in a timely manner: If you don’t set a deadline for your goals, you won’t accomplish anything. The longer you let time pass by, the less urgent your goals will become. Deadlines force you to work hard in a short space of time and to succeed in that timeframe. The possibility that you might not achieve that goal makes your success at achieving it so much more rewarding. There will be goals that you won’t achieve. In fact, if you achieve every goal that you set for yourself, you are most likely not aiming high enough. Make sure that you set the bar high enough to really accomplish important things.

When thinking about your blogging goals, remember to

  • Set goals with measurable quantities
  • Tie deadlines to your goals
  • Consider the possibility that you won’t achieve every goal
  • Think positively and try not to consider failure as an option

When thinking about goal setting, it isn’t enough to merely set them. You should also have a plan established that tells you exactly how you are going to achieve those goals and which tools you are going to use to accomplish that. Make sure that all of your goals are realistic and achievable. A goal can never be something that you have already accomplished. That would be too easy. The have to be goals that you work toward (and work hard) to achieve so that you are able to bring your business to the next level.


You have so many things that you want to accomplish for your blog. You want to build relationships with new online connections and you want to strengthen relationships with existing connections. You want to offer informative, helpful, educational content to people who want to read what you have to say. You want to continue to generate more and more traffic. Your ultimate goal, of course, is to become more and more successful through your blog and how effectively it touches other people. Try to work on your blogging goals consistently and persistently. Before you know it, your goals will be accomplished and you will be setting new and more challenging goals.

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Mr. Cohn earned a Master’s degree in project management from George Washington University in Washington, DC; and a Master’s degree in computer science and a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, NJ.


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