The Art of Conversation and Social Media


The success of social media is completely dependent on relationships. Relationships flourish because humans converse with each other on an ongoing and consistent basis. Without conversations, social media would not exist. Everyone must converse to make social media work.

It really doesn’t matter who you are or how popular or famous you are. Social media works exactly the same for all people across the universe. If social media is going to work for you, you must commit to being consistent and reliable with your conversations that you have with other people online. You may be a person who can handle conversing with numerous people at once or you may be more comfortable with conversing on a regular basis with a smaller number of people. The most important thing is that you are committed to conversing on a regular and consistent basis so that you can build relationships with your online connections that will last a very long time and that are of mutual benefit.

Not bad, just different

Contrary to what some people think, conversing through social media has not detracted from face-to-face conversations. It has simply take on a different form. The conversations that take place through social media are often quick and to the point. Many people prefer that to taking a long time to get to the point. It is definitely valuable to learn how to converse in different ways. That is part of what keeps the relationship interesting and fulfilling. It is a misconception that if you converse through social media, you are not able to have a deep, personal relationship with another person. You most certainly can have a relationship that is just as valuable. Eventually (in most cases), you will start to converse with other people with whom you share an online relationship in person. At that point, your relationship will have blossomed to the next level.

Blogging as a form of conversation

Blogging can be legitimately viewed as another form of conversation. You write a blog article and share it with people in your social media communities. Your followers read your article and start to discuss some aspect of the article. The definition of conversation is a “combination of interaction, spontaneity that follows the rules of etiquette.” If you read blog articles that other people write and you react to those articles in writing, you are having a conversation of sorts (although, perhaps not in the traditional sense). In fact, you may find that people will be much more inclined to converse with you than they would if you were interacting with them in person. Many people are bolder when they converse in writing because it isn’t quite as frightening or as risky.

Using various social media channels to converse

The popularity and “user-friendliness” of social media makes is very easy for people to converse and for many people to have relationships in general. For example, Facebook and Twitter make it especially easy for people to have interesting and valuable conversations. With Twitter (because of its 140-character maximum per tweet), you converse about all sorts of interesting things in short spurts. With the limited amount of time that people nowadays seem to have for having conversations, it is perfect. Facebook is another excellent social media tool that makes it very easy to have online conversations that are valuable and compelling.


Social media is definitely here to stay. If you recognize it as part of your everyday business (and personal) life and you figure ways that you can integrate it appropriately when it comes to relating to other people and conversing with them on a regular and consistent basis, you will be opening yourself and your business up to a whole new aspect of communication and conversation and you will be more successful for it.

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Mrs. Cohn is a member of the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA).

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