Why eNewsletters Are Important for Your Business


You may be wondering why you bother writing your eNewsletter every month and sending it to your list of recipients. Maybe more and more people unsubscribe each month. You may not understand why you need to continue to send it.

Your broader social media strategy

When it comes to your entire social media marketing strategy, an eNewsletter is an extremely important component and you will see that it is a positive contributor to the success of your business over time. One of the main reasons why eNewsletters are so important to your marketing strategy is that they generate leads. Once you succeed at getting people to opt-in (in other words, they make a conscious choice to give you their contact information), they have automatically given you permission to market to them. Your eNewsletter is an excellent vehicle for all of your wonderful content that you will  use to impact your readers and get them to, hopefully, eventually do business with you.

Why you need an eNewsletter

There are several reasons why you should be offering an eNewsletter to your readers:

  • Staying in touch: An eNewsletter will help you to stay in contact with your clients. You can keep them informed of all that is happening with your business, including new products, new services, etc.
  • Improving your relationships: Your consistent offerings will make people turn to you first when they need something. After all, you are the subject matter expert.
  • Giving valuable tools to your clients: You can share helpful tips and tricks in your eNewsletter, which will enable your readers to become more successful in their own businesses.
  • Providing additional data: The information that you offer in your eNewsletter will provide data that you can use when you want to promote your new offerings.
  • Gaining attention: You can request that your clients share your eNewsletter with other people. The more attention your eNewsletter gains, the better it will be for you and your business.

What makes an amazing eNewsletter

As you are writing your newsletter, you should put a great deal of thought into the concepts that should be included and in a particular order.

  • Establish your reason for writing the eNewsletter.
  • Figure out what you want to say.
  • Figure out how you want to say it.
  • Figure out exactly how you are going to share it with other people.
  • Figure out who will write it and how frequently you will distribute it.
  • Be consistent and use the same template every time.
  • Keep your language and the message that you wish to convey simple.
  • Try to keep your eNewsletter to a maximum of 1000 words.
  • Make sure that your articles create an interest in what you are trying to sell.
  • Make sure that the information that you offer is useful to your readers.

So, now you want to know how to write an amazing eNewsletter. The immediate answer is content. The reason that people are willing to opt-in is because of your content. People need a really good reason (a reason that is really compelling) to open your eNewsletter. Your content must really grab them. Your content needs to satisfy their wants and needs (What’s In It For Me). From the marketing perspective, your content should offer valuable and educational information and it should not cost anything for the recipient. It is very important for you to constantly keep your target audience’s needs in mind when you are writing your content. It needs to fulfill at least some of their needs.

After you have shared your high-quality content, you can offer your audience promotions and/or some other incentives of interest. It is acceptable (and appropriate) to include some self-promotion with your promotions, as long as it is done in good taste. This offering will bring you closer to an eventual sale. If you don’t currently have an eNewsletter, you should seriously consider either writing one or having someone else write it for you. There are several companies (Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, to name a couple) that can provide you with a variety of possible templates for your newsletter.

Avoid spamming

It is extremely important that you don’t spam anyone with your eNewsletter. People will read your eNewsletter if they want to read it. It is their choice. If they don’t opt in, you are automatically spamming them. The most “invasive” that you can be is to ask them if they would like to receive a free copy of your eNewsletter and proceed to let them know what they will find in the eNewsletter. If they say yes, you can feel free to send it.

If include your eNewsletter in your social media marketing strategy, you will be able to follow up with your recipients and they will eventually turn into valuable and loyal clients.


eNewsletters are an integral part of your social media marketing strategy. As you consistently offer your readers content that is informative, educational, and compelling, they will look forward to reading about you and your business and you will be building trust and credibility over time. Another thing that is very appealing about an eNewsletter is that it is very inexpensive to produce and it won’t cost your readers anything either.The next thing you know. they will become loyal clients and they will continue to buy from you as well as telling their friends to do the same.

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Prior to that, Mr. Cohn spent a significant amount of time at a major telecommunications company, where his main focus was on initiating and leading synergy efforts across all business units by dramatically improving efficiency, online collaboration, and the company’s Intranet capabilities, which accelerated gains in business productivity. His expertise includes social media marketing strategies; internet marketing; web presence design; business analysis; project management; management of global cross-matrix teams; systems engineering and analysis, architecture, prototyping and integration; technology evaluation and assessment; systems development; performance evaluation; and management of off-shore development.

Mr. Cohn earned a Master’s degree in project management from George Washington University in Washington, DC; and a Master’s degree in computer science and a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, NJ.


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