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Brian Lakeman is author and Brand Manager for Activ8me, Australia's leading NBN Satellite provider. His writing experience is primarily online in the form of blogging, he contributes to numerous websites in the internet and computer industries. Brian's capacity as Brand Manager allows him to explore various marketing avenues for Activ8me, all over the world. You can find him on Twitter and Google Plus.


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Reputation Management – Foresight is the Best Medicine

June 4, 2013

Reputation management is a hot topic for companies, especially with social media and the growing importance of review sites and word of mouth referrals from friends and associates. Continue reading

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Social CRM: How Companies Can Evolve

April 16, 2013

Social CRM is traditional Customer Relationship Management evolved. The addition of social media has taken PR, customer service, and customer experience to the next level. Businesses must heed the new dynamic when it comes to Social CRM; the customer is at the center of the relationship and engaging with your business through many different channels. Continue reading

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The Difference Between Webinars, Web Conferences, and Webcasts

March 7, 2013

If you are wondering what the difference is between webinars, web conferences, and webcasts, don’t worry because you are not alone. The different types of online informational sessions that there are out there will be explained. Continue reading

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Using Social Media to Engage eCommerce Customers

January 10, 2013

Social Media campaigns can be integral to marketing eCommerce businesses. However, just setting up social media accounts is not enough to make a company a social success. Social media communications are an outlet for the company’s online presence . Continue reading

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