Editing Services

CompuKol Communications LLC offers online and print editorial services for small businesses. We offer a wide range of editorial support for such projects as books, journal articles, posters, abstracts, white papers, corporate brochures and newsletters, technical documents, web page content, flyers, advertisements, and conference materials.

You have already written your book, manual, newsletter, promotional piece, report, speech, or brochure. The concept is good, but it is still rough around the edges. Typographical errors, incorrect grammar, and improper punctuation all potentially have a role in destroying your credibility. CompuKol Communications ensures that those mistakes will be nonexistent in your publications. At the same time, we will always preserve the integrity of your writing. We will provide the editorial polish that turns an average piece of writing into one that shines by enhancing your words. This process applies to all sized projects.

There are three primary steps involved in the editorial process:

  • Substantive editing is a review for clarity, consistency, style, flow, and accuracy of content 
  • Copyediting is a review for spelling, grammar, style, sense, consistency, and punctuation 
  • Proofreading ensures that the current version of text has changes that have been incorporated based on the preceding marked up version. This is a crucial step for all publications. A proofreader will spot embarrassing errors that are easily overlooked by even the best writers 

At CompuKol Communications we always provide the highest quality editorial work. Our highly skilled professionals deliver accurate and timely work that we know you will love. We guarantee that quality will never be sacrificed for time. We truly value the work that we do for you and ensure that the finished product will be one that will be a cut above the rest. We successfully meet the needs of all authors.

Services Include: 

  • Promotional Editing

    • Promotional materials
    • Educational materials 
    • Technical and Nontechnical Editing 
    • Journal articles 
    • Posters 
    • Abstracts 
    • Slide decks 
    • Monographs 
    • White papers 
    • User’s manuals and guides
  • Informational Editing

    • Web content 
    • Newsletters 
    • Scripts 
    • Content for magazines and newspapers
  • Proofreading

  • Fact Checking