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I’m sure you have heard this a million times, but if you are a small business owner, you should have a Facebook page. There are many benefits to having one and no reason why you shouldn’t. I will explain the many benefits of using Facebook for business.

The Many Benefits of Using Facebook for Business

Before I outline the benefits of having a Facebook page for your business, the first thing you should know is that you need to create a business page. You cannot use your personal profile to promote your business. Not only will you be missing out on the perks of having a business page, but Facebook will not allow you to use your profile for business promotion.

When you make a personal profile, you are effectively signing a contract saying that you won’t use it for promotion or personal gain. If you break that contract, you could permanently lose all access to your account. Don’t worry, creating a business account is easy. Just follow the prompts and make sure you fill everything out. Once this is done, your business will soon be reaping the benefits:

Determine Your Target Audience

As a small business just starting out, you may still be wondering who your target market is. Well, you are in luck. As it so happens, Facebook can teach you about your target audience using Facebook Insights. This nifty feature collects information about those who “like” your business page. This information includes things like age, location, interests, etc.

Based on these data, you will know if your target market should be women between the ages of 16 and 35 or men ages 40+. Once you know who your target market is, you can then customize your updates and posts specifically to them. This is a great way to steer your business in the direction it needs to go in order to grow and reach more potential customers.

Increase Your Followers

Not only does Facebook help you figure out who your target audience is, it helps your draw more of them to your page and increases your customer following. This is done by using your page to showcase new products and services, share photos of your products in action, and get feedback from your customers. Basically, you can show off your company free of charge and gain new customers and followers in the process.

There are over 1 billion Facebook users so take advantage. If you have just created a new business page, the best way to begin building a following is by inviting your friends and family to “like” your page. The more “likes” and followers you have the more likely you are to attract the attention of potential customers. If that doesn’t work, hold contests and promotions.

Humanize Your Business

Business pages are great for marketing your products, but they are also a good way of letting your customers get to know you. You are the face of your company. Small businesses thrive best when they connect with their customers on a personal level. Give your company some personality. That doesn’t mean they need to see every detail of your personal life; however, they would like to know that you are human.

Invite your customers behind the scenes of your business and the effort it takes to get your product to them. Let them join in the conversation and get to know you. People tend to stay loyal to a business that they feel connected to. This is just another great benefit of having a Facebook page for your business.

Bring Traffic to Your Website

Having a Facebook page is a great way to get more traffic to your website. There are several places on your page where you can place a link directly back to your website, including the “about you” and “call to action” tabs. You can also include your link in all of your posts if you want. It’s easy. Whenever you post something about your products or services, just add your web address to the end of your caption. This will encourage your followers to check out your web page, which will lead to more sales, which, in turn, will help your business grow.

Build Brand Awareness

The last and most important benefit of Facebook is that it gets your brand out there and puts your business on the map. Brand building is so important in today’s competitive market. Build yours up by posting interesting content using your Facebook page. Put yourself out there and expand your customer reach. This is a great way to increase awareness and bring people to your brand. Those who become loyal to a particular brand often stay loyal their whole lives.


Whether you want to admit it or not, social media seems to be here to stay. Although it may seem time-consuming and hard to do, it is time for you as a small business owner to take advantage of Facebook pages and use them to give you a leg up in the ever-competitive consumer market.

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