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Establishing Credibility and Value on LinkedIn

Published on March 9, 2017 By Michael Cohn

Both credibility and value are extremely important and are definitive contributing factors to your professional success. However, there are many differences between them and understanding those differences is very important on your journey to ultimate success. Continue reading

How Do You Rise Above Your Competition?

Published on October 17, 2016 By Michael Cohn

The business world (in most niches) is extraordinarily competitive. The percentage of business people who don’t have competition is unbelievably small. Ironically, many people think that they don’t have competition; however, when they really start to think about it, they realize that they do. So, how do you manage to rise above your competition? Continue reading

Achieving LinkedIn Influencer Status

Published on August 25, 2016 By Michael Cohn

In a recent blog post, we wrote, How Do You Recognize Influencers? in order to increase your business’ reputation. The other side of the coin is how to achieve LinkedIn influencer status yourself so that you can positively influence other businesses. One thing that you should keep in mind is that there is influencer status and then there is influencer status on LinkedIn. The two are not the same thing. Continue reading

Increasing Your Conversions With Testimonials

Published on January 4, 2016 By Michael Cohn

Posting testimonials from your clients is an excellent way to build your professional credibility. You should bear in mind that you are the only person who cannot increase your credibility. Continue reading

Becoming a Superstar With Your Online Interactions

Published on October 8, 2015 By Michael Cohn

You may or may not view yourself as an online superstar; however, if you have put in the effort and have managed to build a following in your niche or industry, chances are pretty good that other people view you in exactly that way. Online interactions equals powerful brand visibility. Continue reading

Shining in Your Area of Expertise

Published on September 21, 2015 By Michael Cohn

If you have been building your business for a while, you have probably positioned yourself as a subject-matter expert in your particular niche or industry. You know what you know but it is also essential to your business that other people have a strong sense of what you know and what you can do for them too. Now is not the time to be humble. Let other people know how amazing you are. It is your time to shine. Continue reading

Coupling Inbound Marketing With Your Online Reputation Management

Published on August 6, 2015 By Michael Cohn

Unlike how it was in the past, marketing has changed dramatically over the years. Although traditional marketing still exists and is very important to the overall process, inbound marketing is essential at this point and pairing it with your increased reputation is a natural choice. Continue reading

Shielding Your Online Reputation

Published on June 15, 2015 By Michael Cohn

Your reputation is the most important thing that you have, both professionally and personally. In the past, it was pretty easy to protect your reputation because very little could be done to hurt you anonymously. However, with the incredibly easy access to all things cyber, it is much easier for a person, if they are inclined to want to hurt your reputation, to do so with a minimum amount of effort. Continue reading

How Online Reviews Can Help Marketers

Published on May 4, 2015 By Michael Cohn

From the consumer’s side of things, being able to interact online and to voice an opinion with some degree of anonymity is the best that it can be. The customer can say whatever they wish without any consequence. It is a wonderful situation for that person. Continue reading

Knowing When to Marry or Divorce Your Clients

Published on March 30, 2015 By Michael Cohn

The truth is that not everyone is going to be your client. As a business owner, it is important for you to understand which clients are appropriate for you and your business and which ones are not. You need to have the strength to divorce those who are not right for you. Continue reading