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How Do You Rise Above Your Competition?

Published on October 17, 2016 By Michael Cohn

The business world (in most niches) is extraordinarily competitive. The percentage of business people who don’t have competition is unbelievably small. Ironically, many people think that they don’t have competition; however, when they really start to think about it, they realize that they do. So, how do you manage to rise above your competition? Continue reading

The Unique Selling Proposition – USP

Published on October 19, 2015 By Dr. Brian Monger

Development of this “central idea,” or what is often called a unique selling proposition, is one of the copywriter’s most difficult tasks. However, it is also one of the most essential concepts of the content as well. Continue reading

Effectively Telling Your Business Story

Published on June 11, 2015 By Carolyn Cohn

If you tell your story in an exciting, compelling, amazing way, other people will stop what they are doing to listen to what you have to say. It should never be assumed that everyone knows how to tell their story. In fact, it is an art form, when done right. Continue reading

The Most Receptive Data for Your Business

Published on June 4, 2015 By Michael Cohn

You may either have established your online marketing campaign or you may be working on it as we speak. In any case, the data that you need for your marketing campaign (and strategy) must be readily available and it must be exactly what you need to allow your business to succeed. Continue reading

B2Bs versus Nonprofits – The Lessons Learned

Published on May 28, 2015 By Carolyn Cohn

Nowadays, there are many different types of business and nonprofits are a type whose numbers are increasing substantially and rapidly on a very consistent basis. In addition to businesses competing across the board, nonprofits are also vying for an increased amount of donations. Continue reading

Using Psychology to Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

Published on April 30, 2015 By Jonathan Cohn

If you have been in business for any length of time at this point, you must understand that some businesses have marketing campaigns that are more effective than others. It is probably safe to assume that your marketing campaign includes some element (hopefully a strong element) of social media as well. Continue reading

The Modern Face of Marketing

Published on March 9, 2015 By Michael Cohn

Marketing has been around for a very long time and without incorporating marketing into your overall business strategy, nobody will know about you and about your brand. Obviously, marketing is an absolute necessity. However, it is important to realize that marketing has gone through several phases over time and it doesn’t necessarily resemble its former self. Continue reading

Classic Marketing Mistakes

Published on March 2, 2015 By Dr. Brian Monger

Undoubtedly, you realize how important marketing is for the success of your business. Your marketing efforts must be precise and effective. Unfortunately, if you are not experienced on the marketing side yet, you may unintentionally make mistakes that will slow down your results. Continue reading

Combining Forces: How Marketing and PR Can Work Together

Published on January 19, 2015 By Megan Ritter

In a time where 50 hour work weeks, working from home, and working with multiple screens have become commonplace, needless to say, many job positions and careers are transforming. With societal trends and changes in the economy, expectations and responsibilities in the workplace change as well, and the fields of marketing and public relations are shifting too. Continue reading

Understanding Perception for Marketing

Published on January 5, 2015 By Dr. Brian Monger

One thing that is true in life and in business is that perception is reality. If a perception has been created, whether it is actually true at the core, it is perceived as true and; therefore, everyone believes it to be what they perceive. Continue reading