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Perfect Your Website and Make it Successful

Published on May 31, 2014 By Michael Cohn

Undoubtedly, your business’s website has been in existence for a long time. Hopefully, you understand clearly that you can’t just have it built (or build it yourself) and then just let it be. If you want it to continue to give back, you must work on it regularly. Continue reading

Make Your Website Marketable

Published on April 13, 2013 By Michael Cohn

Content is king! How you express the words makes all the difference to your business. Additionally, you need to consider how your web pages relate to your entire strategy and how to leverage it to its full potential. Continue reading

The Importance of a Content Managed Website

Published on February 28, 2013 By Carolyn Cohn

Having a website is very important for your business. Having a website without a content management system (CMS) is a big mistake. A CMS is critical to the success of your business and understanding why will bring you added success. Continue reading

Important Points for Your Online Privacy Policy

Published on January 5, 2013 By Carolyn Cohn

Your privacy policy is an extremely important document and it has a direct influence on your success as a business owner. It is important for you to have one and to share it with others to demonstrate your integrity. Continue reading

The Importance of an Internet Marketing Strategy

Published on June 30, 2012 By Michael Cohn

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein. Laying the foundation for your business’s success is absolutely critical to everything that follows after that. If your strategy is sound, you will succeed. Continue reading

Social Media Questions That Business Owners Ask

Published on December 27, 2011 By Michael Cohn

As a business owner, it isn’t necessarily easy to decide which social media channels work best for your business. There is so much information from which to choose and each one offers different innovative features. You need to choose wisely. Continue reading

What to Ask During a Website Assessment

Published on August 13, 2011 By Michael Cohn

Many people have a website. Fewer understand if their website is actually effective. Having it assessed to answer that question is an excellent idea. It is important to be prepared for the assessment with intuitive and effective questions Continue reading

Establishing Your Web Presence Without a Website

Published on July 16, 2011 By Michael Cohn

You are just launching a brand new business. Nowadays, a web presence is not just about a website. While a website is a component of a web presence, significant results can be achieved by other means. Continue reading

Having a Web Presence With Personality

Published on June 7, 2011 By Michael Cohn

As a business person, you must have a web presence that attracts other people to your business offerings and to your branding. If they aren’t attracted, they won’t go further to find out anything about you and you won’t succeed. Continue reading

Is Your Domain Incarcerated?

Published on April 28, 2011 By Michael Cohn

You may very well be under the impression that you are the sole owner of your domain name. Are you absolutely sure that you are? Your domain name should be yours alone and it is extremely important to your business. Continue reading