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The Thinking Behind Your Social Profile

Published on December 1, 2016 By Michael Cohn

Psychology figures into every aspect of our lives. It certainly is a factor in our behavior as human beings and it also factors into what we do professionally and how we do it. There is a strong possibility that you have social media profiles for your business and that you interact with other people online on a regular (or, at least, semi-regular) basis. Continue reading

Connecting Emotionally to Sell Your Products and Services

Published on April 7, 2016 By Michael Cohn

The chances are really good that the products and/or services that you are selling are amazing. However, the quality of what you are selling has little to do with whether you are successful at selling. You need to establish an emotional connection with the buyer. Continue reading

Combining Forces: How Marketing and PR Can Work Together

Published on January 19, 2015 By Megan Ritter

In a time where 50 hour work weeks, working from home, and working with multiple screens have become commonplace, needless to say, many job positions and careers are transforming. With societal trends and changes in the economy, expectations and responsibilities in the workplace change as well, and the fields of marketing and public relations are shifting too. Continue reading

Effective Tips for Your Startup

Published on October 6, 2014 By Michael Cohn

If you have finally made the decision to start building a new business (whether it is your first business ever or one of many that came before it), it can be an extremely frightening proposition. Your continued (and eventual) success has a lot to do with whether you lay the foundation properly from the beginning. Continue reading

What Social Media Best Practices Can Teach Marketers

Published on May 27, 2014 By Michael Cohn

At this point in the game, social media has been around for quite a while and a large number of people are involved with it in some capacity and are engaging on a regular basis. People are making the effort interact consistently and regularly. But there is still more to learn. Continue reading

Phrases to Avoid in Promotional Emails

Published on March 4, 2014 By Carolyn Cohn

You own your own business and one of the extremely effective ways that you are able to reach other people is through Emails. As a business owner, you have products and/or services to sell, which means that you will be putting some information that is relevant to that idea in your Emails. What terminology should you avoid? Continue reading

Building a B2B Content Strategy

Published on February 8, 2014 By Michael Cohn

If you own a Business-to-Business company, which means that you either sell products and/or services to other companies, your online content strategy will be different than if you own a different sort of business. Undoubtedly, all businesses need to generate content. Continue reading

Email Marketing – Permission and Forgiveness

Published on February 6, 2014 By Michael Cohn

Email marketing can be very tricky. If you inundate people with too much Email, they may get really angry with you and report you as a spammer. On the other hand, you want to send effective and valuable Emails that elicit the type of response that you are hoping for. Continue reading

Turning Clients’ Nightmares Into Brilliant Ideas

Published on January 23, 2014 By Michael Cohn

You sit at your desk and you try very hard to come up with new ideas for content on a very regular basis. You are tied to your clients’ experiences. What drives you first and foremost is whatever your clients want and need. If they are having a bad time, you will be affected also. Continue reading

Learning to Like Criticism

Published on January 7, 2014 By Dr. Brian Monger

No one enjoys being criticized! Yet, if you want to succeed, you’ve got to overcome all of your natural instincts and actively seek out feedback, good and bad. Continue reading