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Your content may be informative, educational, and compelling. However, are you certain that it makes your target audience happy on a deeper level?

The importance of capturing your success

The reality is that if you produce top-shelf content that resonates with your target audience, their reaction to your story and to your message will be extremely positive. If that is the case, they will continue to read what you are posting and they will be delighted to share your content with other people whom they know and trust. That is extremely important for your business. If you manage to achieve that, the next thing that will happen will be that they will become loyal to you and to your brand.

When it comes to your efforts toward retaining existing relationships and building new relationships, it is much easier to retain than establish, although new relationships are extremely important for your business’ success. Both of those types of relationships are equally important (in different ways). You certainly do not want to establish a pattern of letting the relationships that you originally put in so much effort to build only to let it go to seed.

You need to understand how important all of your relationships are and to nurture them accordingly. You should remember to always treasure the relationships that you have managed to build and maintain. That are so important for you. 

The concepts behind keeping your target audience/clients happy

Every time that yo write a piece of content and post that content in a place where other people are able to read it, you should keep in mind that your primary goal is making the people who will be reading it happy. That thought should motivate you consistently. It is important for you to remember that without your target audience members, you wouldn’t be a success. There are several different questions that you will need to ask yourself as you are writing and then posting content.

  • Is your content driven by WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?): Your number one goal must always be your ability to solve the other person’s problem. With each piece of content that you write and post, you need to ask if it solves the other person’s problem. If the answer is that you are not sure or no, it doesn’t solve the other person’s problem, you will not succeed at making the other person happy.

  • Teach a man to fish: Once you have established that you are capable of solving the other person’s problem, you need to teach that person how to solve his or her problem. If you can accomplish that, you will render the person self-sufficient and he or she will thank you for it. That doesn’t mean that the person will think that you are not useful to him or her. In fact, the person will respect you because it will be clear that you are thinking of that person first. Your needs are secondary to their needs. That will definitely be something that the other person will remember.

  • Does your content resonate with the other person? In addition to all of the other things that were discussed here, the writing itself needs to be compelling and innovative. If it possesses those qualities and meets the other criteria, you will do fine. If your content is dull and boring, nobody will want to read it and if you share content that nobody reads, you won’t be able to get anywhere at all.

In order to make your target audience members happy, your content needs to go above and beyond. It will not be enough to offer them mediocre content. Your content needs to be exciting, appealing, and extremely valuable. You need to prove to your target audience that you are the expert and that nobody else can give them what they need as effectively as you can. You and your business need to be top of mind. If you can achieve that, you will be golden.

Engaging with your target audience is a critical contributing piece to your success.There are several different ways in which you can engage, such as posing a thought-provoking question, sharing an article (written by someone else) that you think your target audience members will find valuable, make a comment on an image or text that someone else shared, etc.

Make your presence known

If you are going to succeed, you need to really be involved. That means that you need to have two-way conversations. You need to give and get equally. If you truly listen to what the other person is saying and feeling, it will give you an opportunity to improve your offerings. Most people will be more than willing to tell you what they want and need and to offer an opinion about what they think needs improvement. Take that information and use it to improve upon what you already have. It will be well worth your time and effort. When it comes to other people offering their opinions, they love to feel that what they think is valuable. It is irresistible to them.


Your goal (in this case) is to make your target audience members/clients happy (way beyond the minimum). You have a total capability of doing that. You just need to approach it in a way that is effective and expedient. Additionally, it is important that your content resonates with your target audience members. You need to express (through your content) that you are governed by the same principles. When it comes to the other person’s needs, you should be as proactive as possible. Try to anticipate what the other person needs and wants before he or she is even aware of what that is.

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