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Most people are in agreement that content is king. However, writing for the web and writing for mobile devices is not necessarily the same thing. There is a different approach that needs to be taken at times with mobile content.

Mobile marketing is a totally different creature. When planning your social media marketing strategy, it is important to bring the mobile part into it as well right from the beginning. There are different tactics that you may want to try out. Some of the principles that will be discussed apply to your entire online marketing campaign and others are more specifically geared toward mobile marketing.

Always have a goal in mind

Your goals may not be the other person’s goals; however, it is important that you have established goals. The last thing that you need or want is to be stuck in the near future without any accomplishments. You want to make sure that the execution of your mobile marketing strategy is progressing that that you are continuing on the road to ultimate success.

Make sure that your demographic is not too narrow

Nowadays, people of all ages are  using mobile devices. With that in mind, remember that you should not be gearing your marketing strategy to a specific age group. While it is true that people in different age groups think differently and perhaps communicate differently, it is also important for you to make sure that your scope is wide enough.

Don’t give yourself too much importance

In the eyes of the person who is using the mobile device, you are not their first priority (nor will you ever be). Those people are very busy and you will be lucky if they take any time at all to read your content. That is exactly why your messages must be spot on and absolutely must leave a lasting impression.

Recognize that not everyone is up to speed yet

You need to give people more than one option for accessing your content. Undoubtedly, not everyone has the same mobile device and you want your content to be read by many different people. You may want to consider getting the word out through text messages, which will allow you to reach a wider audience initially.

Consider location carefully

When it comes to your mobile marketing strategy, location is an extremely important aspect of it. People who use mobile devices are constantly searching for where to go, among other pieces of information. As a business owner, you want them to find you before they find anyone else. The way that you will accomplish that is through strong and consistent search engine optimization (SEO).

Devote quality time and effort to your strategy

It is critical to your success that you devote a consistent amount of time and effort to your marketing strategy. You will see that it is going to pay off (most likely in a matter of months). Try to put yourself in the shoes of the owners of the mobile devices when it comes to figuring out how to fulfill their needs most effectively.

Repurpose with a creative twist

You should never just repurpose old content. You need to freshen it up and make it seem new and innovative. It needs to feel like it novel to your readers all of the time, even if you didn’t actually need to reinvent the wheel. Make sure that you design your marketing strategy specifically for those mobile device users.

Establish a strong following

After you have gotten your mobile device users to become loyal followers of yours, you need to somehow get them to share your content with other people. One obstacle that you face with this is that it is a bit more challenging to share content on a mobile device; however, it is certainly far from impossible. The stronger your relationships with the mobile device owners become, the more inclined they will be to make the effort.

Make people feel special

You need to make other people feel that you are the best person with whom to interact. They need to feel that they have a good reason for choosing your business over someone else’s business.  Give them valuable information on a regular basis and they will want to stay with you.

Maintain momentum

It is very important to capture people’s interest but it is even more important (and challenging) to get them to continue to stay interested. You must constantly be thinking about how to hold people’s interest. You don’t want them to read your content once. You want them to keep reading it and to stay with you for the long haul.


Mobile devices as a means of communicating and transmitting information are incredibly influential and powerful. It is critical that you gear some of your business efforts to making sure that you are making mobile device owners happy and fulfilled. Although you may encounter some challenges, you certainly can successfully market to that ever-growing segment of the population. Make sure that you content is easy to use, scan, and understand; make sure that the language is clear and concise, and make your content very easy to search for. Also, make sure that you place the most important messages at the top of your list when writing content.

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Mrs. Cohn is a member of the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA).

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