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You just wrote an exciting and informative blog post. It is one of the best articles that you have ever written. You feel that it is insightful, clever, interesting, and educational. Now that it is published, what do you do?

Blogging is an extremely important part of your social media marketing campaign. Not only do you offer valuable content to other people but you also strengthen your existing business relationships and cultivate new ones through your blog articles. The more you engage your online business associates, the stronger the bond will be between you and the greater your chances of eventually increasing your business’s revenue because of it.

Making sure that your content is noticed

Once you have hit the “publish” button, there is plenty of other work that you need to do to make sure that  your article falls into the hands of your audience. If you publish and article and don’t let anyone know that it is published, it won’t do you or anyone else any good. If you don’t syndicate your article, you will have an extremely limited audience (your RSS subscribers and you). In that case, your article will have a difficult time achieving high rankings on the search engines because your competition will be so fierce. If you have valuable content that you feel other people will truly benefit from reading, you need to let everyone know as quickly as possible. Being reactive (waiting to get noticed instead of doing everything in your power to get the article to other people) will only count against your chances that your content will add to the success of your business. Your objective is to make sure that among the readers of your article, there will be your ideal target audience members as well as key influencers.

The following tips will help you to leverage your blog content to its maximum potential after you have initially published it":

  • Keyword integration/search engine optimization (SEO): Even though you have excellent content (the ideas are exciting and the language itself is presented beautifully), it is critical that you pay close attention to keywords and key phrases so that the search engines notice it. If you aren’t sure about which keywords or key phrases to use, a little research will help tremendously. If you want to choose the most effective and appropriate keywords and key phrases, scrutinize your content to identify the main topics of the article. If you are not sure that your keywords and phrases are not strong enough, it is a good idea to rework the content until it is richer and then the results will be that you will achieve high search engine rankings.
  • Syndication: People tend to forget about the importance of the RSS (real simple syndication) feed. The RSS feed gives you the ability to automatically get your content to many places at once (this includes your chosen social media channels). Having an RSS feed will certainly improve your ability to share content quite easily. Please understand that once you have set up the RSS feed, you should never have to set it up again. It should be a one-time thing.
  • Abbreviated URLs: Being able to post shortened URLs is especially important when it comes to social media channels that have a very limited message capacity (such as Twitter, which only allows a maximum of 140 characters per message).
    • Here is what you need to do to get a shortened URL: copy the URL of your blog post into a URL shortener (make sure that analytics are offered) such as Bit.ly, Ow.ly, Cli.gs.
    • Use that shortened URL in all of your status updates and link your posting or teaser paragraph.
    • Take notice of geographic locations and referring website data in your analytics after your link has been online for a while.
  • Posting teasers on other people’s websites: Many other people will allow you to post teasers for your articles on their websites. Of course, they will only agree to that if your content is relevant to their audience, valuable, and not in any way self-promoting. Some examples are:
    • Niche industry forums.
    • Facebook groups
    • LinkedIn Answers
    • LinkedIn group forums

If you write an enticing headline or thought-provoking question to post on someone else’s website, remember to include some interesting commentary and your shortened URL. Don’t forget to request that the readers give you feedback or interact in some other way.

  • Email signature: You can add your latest blog post to your Email signature. That will make it so easy for other people to access your article as soon as they have read your Email to them. This is a great little trick that will produce wonderful results.
  • Connect with other bloggers: Remember how critical networking is to the success of your business. It can be a “one hand washes the other” situation. You can comment on each other’s blogs and start the ball rolling regarding discussions. You can certainly help each other to generate more traffic.
  • Status updates: It will take a great deal of time and energy if you have to customize your updates to each social media profile that you have. It is not feasible to use the exact same update for all of them. Also, not all of your online connections will be online at once to see your updates as they are posted. If you want to get the highest response rate from your online followers, you will probably have to send many updates at different times on different days. You should also use a variety of headlines. If you keep using the same one all of the time, you will run the risk of getting banned.
  • Comment on other people’s blogs: If you make comments on other blogs that you find interesting and valuable, you will be generating web traffic and high-quality backlinks. Once you have finished your posting, you should take the opportunity to search for other blogs on a similar topic. The more you do this, the more likely you are to gain new online connections.


Writing top-quality content and publishing it is only the beginning. Make sure that you work methodically and consistently.  It is like building a casino in the middle of the desert. If you don’t have anyone around you and you don’t tell anyone about what you are doing and how you can help them, all of your efforts will be for nothing. You need to take that blog article and work it until it pays off for you over and over again.

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