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You have heard enough about Pinterest to understand that it is a powerful marketing tool that will help you to bring your business to the next level. Pinterest attracts more traffic to your website and gets you noticed.

Confusion about Pinterest

Because Pinterest is a graphics-based social media site, there is confusion about its true capabilities. It is not actually only for recipes, crafts and products. It was like that at the beginning of time but it has branched out into so much more at this point. It has expanded to reach out to bloggers, consultants, local businesses, writers, coaches, etc. Pinterest is useful in so many ways for so many people. If you, as a marketer, have put so much time and effort into making Pinterest work for your business, you want to make sure that all of your hard work pays off in the end. You need to figure out the best way to interact with other people so that you can start to build meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships that make a positive contribution to your business’s continued success.

Using Pinterest to your advantage

Many people have content that is not driven by images. If that is the case, you might be wondering how you can really take advantage of a social media channel like Pinterest. The answer is that you can create boards on topics of your choosing and then you can enhance them with graphics and videos (pins). You can decide to follow as many boards at once as you want. You want to provide as much appropriate content as you possibly can to attract other people. It is important to make sure that you post valuable content on all of your boards.

There are several different boards that you my want to consider for your business.

    • Highlight your clients: It is critical that you communicate to your clients how important they are to you. You can build a board to show them just how important they are and how much you appreciate their business. It is an effective way to enhance your relationships with them and to really feature their brands.


    • Share valuable videos: Even though you probably think of still images when you think about Pinterest, videos work very well also. You can build a board full of videos, which will really allow you to engage other people very effectively. You can post a wide variety of videos on Pinterest, including testimonials, instructional YouTube videos, and many others.


    • Feature worthwhile books: People love when you share valuable information that adds to their knowledge base. It is important that you educate your audience in many different ways, if possible. The more valuable information you share with your audience, the stronger your position will be as a subject matter expert. You will eventually be in a position where the next time they need what you sell, you will be the person they call.


    • Give tips: Your valuable tips can easily be repinned by your audience. Your audience will welcome new pieces of information that they can apply successful to their own businesses. The more you share, the more they will want from you.


    • Give them your resources: If you have a connection that works well for you and  your business, share it with your audience members. If your resources work for other people, they won’t forget you.


    • Feature your colleagues: It is a great idea to share your colleagues (if you find them valuable) with your other colleagues. Connecting people is always a good idea. That enables them to build their circles and you get credit for connecting them.


    • Let people know what is coming up: People are always grateful when you inform them about events that they didn’t know about otherwise. Make sure that you tell them about events that are appropriate for them and ones that will really interest them.


    • Share quotes and humorous quips: Short pearls of wisdom and humorous ideas will long be remembered. People always find them interesting and memorable.



Pinterest is a wonderful and powerful social media tool. It is very important to understand how to use it for your business so that it helps you to market your brand and your offerings so that other people really notice and take an interest in you and what you represent. You need to understand that Pinterest is a valuable part of your online social media marketing strategy. Pinterest is an effective tool to tell your story so jump in an let people know who you are.

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