Understanding the Basics of Google Plus


You may have heard people speaking about Google+. It is in direct competition with Facebook and should not be taken lightly.  There are many similarities between the two; however, Google+ has some features that you won’t find on Facebook.


Hangouts allows you to video chat to more than one person at a time. Those with whom you wish to “hangout” are all seen on one screen so that everyone in the room is able to hear and see him or her. The enhancement of this feature over Facebook is that it allows many users in one room to participate in the call and the chat is then displayed in your status messages. Also, if you see that some people you know are in a “hangout” together, you can be invited to join them. Of course, this will only work if you are in their circle of friends.


Google+ feature Circles is an excellent way of categorizing people online. Google+ starts with the basic circle and then you can create other circles of your choosing. Because you choose those circles, personally, there is no need to block anyone or to deal with information that you are not interested in dealing with. You can create a circle that consists solely of coworkers, for example, and you can post information that is related to your company or industry. The information will be delivered to people who will truly benefit from it and who are really interested in what you are posting. That type of information would not be of interest to people with whom you share a personal relationship. It is a great way to easily keep people who share different relationships with you separate.


Because of the way in which Google+ was designed, it is very easy for you to find information that is of interest to you through Sparks. You can search for a specific topic through the search menu and a list of recent article will come up. Those are articles that are similar to what you are looking for. It is also very easy to share content of interest with others through Sparks. You can save your searches and get alerts in your areas of interest as well. It is a great tool for finding other people with whom to connect so that you can have stimulating discussions on topics that you all love. An interesting feature is that Google+ can separate possible search results in a pop-up window with People or Pages that are a match to your query. Your search results have only two tabs from which to choose. The first tab has “Everything,” “People,” “Google+ Posts,” and “Sparks.” The second tab has filtering options for the content sources that you might want to use, such as “From everyone,” “From your circles,” and “From you.”

Always striving to improve

Google+ welcomes feedback. In fact, it is encouraged. The feedback is constantly being monitored so that improvements to the site can be made whenever necessary. Because it is relatively new, certain aspects of Google+ were still being tested initially. Currently, several companies were allowed to create business pages that served as testers for Google+. Now that it has been out for a while, many businesses can create their own pages. Google+ is a great tool and can be of benefit to many businesses.


Google+ is a wonderful tool that makes  your online experience much more effective and increases your business’s success.  Google+ is extremely useful is so many ways. You should try to use it so that you can see how it works best for you and your business. Google is enhancing the tool all of the time and paying close attention to the feedback that its users communicates to them.

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