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Most people are familiar with Google at this point. It is a very popular search engine. Google’s social platform, Google+, has a tool called Google Circles, which enables the users to categorize people into different groups or lists.

The purpose of Google Circles

The intended purpose of Google Circles is to allow people to share their content with the most appropriate people. It also allows people to follow other people’s content if it is deemed interesting and valuable.

The privacy aspect of Google Circles

Whoever is a member of one of your Google Circles is not able to see any of the other members of the circle. They are not able to tell specifically who is in the circle or how many people are members of the circle. Google Circles mimics real-life relationships. When it comes to a circle of friends (or even a circle of business associates), you are very selective about who you will allow to be a part of your circles. The people whom you choose for your circles are people you respect and admire, close friends, potential business partners, and people with whom you have some sort of emotional connection. The members of the circles have no awareness of the other members of the circles. If they eventually have an awareness, it is usually not detrimental; however, in the beginning, it is up to the person who is forming the circles to have control over who is a part of them.

Circles are circles and groups are groups

There are several differences between circles and groups and it is important to understand that they are not interchangeable. The following are ways to differentiate circles from groups:

In groups:

  • All of the members of the group are aware of who the other group members are.
  • All of the members of the group understand the objectives of the group.
  • All of the members of the group know the name of the group.

In Circles:

  • A Google Circle is an exclusive group of people. With Google Circles, there is nothing public about it. You can think about it as an extremely exclusive “country club.” Along with the privacy, unfortunately, the concept is difficult for some people to understand because of its complexity.
  • Circles can limit who has access to any given content and others who have not been given access to that particular content will see “Limited” at the top of the post.
  • With Google Circles, you can control who you want to share specific information with, whereas you can’t control it with groups.
  • With Google Circles, you are able to keep the number of people at a comfortable level for you. If you feel that someone is worth adding to your circle, it will be a decision that you have not made lightly or quickly.

When you first set up your Circles, you can drag people from your lists in Google+ to form your circles. It is as easy as click and drag. The uniqueness of it is in the control that it allows you and the owner of the circles.


Google+ Circles is an excellent organizational tool. To have the capability of not only forming circles of people (for business and personal use) but then being able to control who is allowed to receive your content is amazing. This is a unique feature that will help you and your business to prosper more and more toward your journey of ultimate success.

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