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Since joining the social media revolution for business, you have been hearing more and more buzz about offering eBooks on your website and you are wondering if it is really worth writing and marketing. Will you really make money?

There are many people who don’t fully understand the value of eBooks and view them as inferior to print books. There are several advantages that eBooks have over print books and being savvy enough in business nowadays to recognize the value will definitely take you a long way on your journey toward ultimate success in business. Before you realize it, you will have a completed eBook that will be ready to be sold and distributed to a vast number of interested people. The following are some of the most pronounced advantages that eBooks have over print books:

  • Subject matter expert: In your particular niche, you will come across as a subject matter expert (SME) through all of the knowledge that you have imparted in your eBook. This will happen as soon as your eBook has been read by others. Your eBook will be filled with useful advice, which is presented in an educational manner. You will be offering all kinds of tips and advice that other people will learn from and will start to use themselves.

  • Building your database: If you offer your eBook as a gift, you will be building valuable lists of people whom you can add to your database. People love to get things for free and the more you offer them, the more they will be willing to get involved with you and your business. There is nothing more valuable than a pre-approved subscriber. At that point, they have opted in and are becoming loyal to you. You need to remember to have a strong and concise message on your website regarding the content of your eBook so that your visitors will want to get a hold of it.

  • Authorship: Writing an eBook gives you the right to say that you are a published author. Being a published author gives you a nice degree of status and prestige. You can’t get the same kind of mileage from an online video or podcast.

  • Short eBooks: eBooks can, of course, vary in length. Sometimes it is beneficial to write a shorter eBook, which you can then offer as a bonus when someone buys your full-length eBook. You may also want to consider using a short one as an incentive when someone subscribes to your blog or newsletter.

  • Viral eBook sales: Currently, more eBooks are being sold than traditional hardcover books. People seem to finally understand the value of eBooks and the fact that there is no difference in the information. The only difference is in the physical properties. During these times when everyone is so conscious of preserving what we have left of the earth, it is brilliant to avoid doing anything that will waste any part of our environment yet still being able to take advantage of books.

  • Busy schedules: Another clear advantage of eBooks is that there is no waiting involved on the part of the consumer. Instant gratification is certainly satisfied because the delivery of the product is instantaneous. The book arrives electronically and the consumer can instantly get to work on using the information in any way that he or she chooses.

  • Cost: The cost of producing an eBook is much less than a print book would be. You will also get a great deal of mileage from your eBook, such as promoting your goods and/or services, which will inevitably produce results that will bring you increased revenue. Another advantage regarding cost is that once the eBook has been created, it can be reproduced an infinite number of times at virtually no cost. There are no printing costs or shipping costs to worry about. There are also extremely minimal downloading costs.

  • Modest pricing can lead to greater profit: Sometimes, it is necessary to invest a great deal of time and effort and to compromise on price so that you can reap tremendous benefits in the long run. If you are willing to either give complimentary copies or sell them at an extremely reduced cost to your customers and potential customers, you will probably gain a great deal that initially cannot be assigned a price tag. You will be building valuable relationships with people who will eventually become loyal to you and the amount of business that you get from them will far exceed what they would ever have paid for your book.

  • Revenue: You can earn additional revenue from selling your eBooks and through your eBooks, you will be strengthening your position as a subject matter expert. Your goal is to get other people to immediately think of you when they have a problem or a question in your area of expertise. You want to be their “go to” person forever.


It is critical that you educate other people on how much you have to offer them and how capable you are of solving their problems. If you are looking for topics about which to write, you will get some excellent ideas from article directories and by searching on the Internet. An eBook is an excellent tool to help make people truly understand the value of what you offer. It is one of the many powerful tools in your armamentarium, which will ultimately bring you wonderful and ever-increasing success for your business.

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