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If you are going to continue to blog indefinitely, you are going to have to continue to come up with exciting, effective, and compelling topics that will hold the interest of your readers. Your creativity will be tested.

When it comes to blogging, in general, there are several different schools of thought regarding the writing style. However, if you blog for business, your style is most likely more formal and proper than if you were blogging for pleasure. When you blog for business, it generally doesn’t read like a journal. When you are blogging for business, you must always keep in mind the marketing principle “WIIFM” (What’s In It For Me?). In other words, your objective will always be to help the other person solve his or her problems. If you satisfy the needs of the other person, your needs, in turn, will also be satisfied.

There are many ways in which you can come up with exciting and compelling blog topics that other people will really react positively to.

Pull topics from the news

The news is an incredibly rich topic source. Before the news items ever reach the public, the information has been researched and investigated thoroughly. If you use topics that you have found in the news for your blogs, you will have had some of the background work already done for you. Remember that you should under no circumstances use the exact words that you read in the news articles. That is plagiarism. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your borrowing other people’s ideas and communicating them in your own words. After all, you are using their ideas, not their words.

Gather other people’s opinions

If you are a frequent blogger, you may find that it is getting more and more difficult to come up with blog topics on a frequent and regular basis. If you feel that your “well is running dry,” and you are experiencing a blockage, it is an excellent idea to ask other people what they are interested in and what they would like to read about. There is no doubt that you are surrounded by interesting and intelligent people who most likely have plenty of creative ideas about all sorts of things. That is most definitely a resource that you should tap. If you aren’t totally comfortable with directly asking them what topics they would like to read about, you could try another approach. You could bounce some ideas off of them and see how they react and where the conversation goes from there.

Do thorough research

One of the main items that you should be searching for in the course of your research is effective keywords and key phrases. You can use those to come up with new topics for your blogs. Also, those terms will help to drive more traffic to your blog. If you use effective search terms, large numbers will visit your blog as they are searching for those terms. It shouldn’t be too difficult for you to determine which topics are hot and then you can use those topics to your full advantage. As you start to figure out which topics people are really interested in reading about, you can customize your writing for your readers.

Listen to what other people are saying

Another great source of blog topics is other blogs that are popular. There is a great possibility that when you read other people’s blogs, you will be inspired and you will come up with new creative and exciting ideas for your blog. You will be able to identify which topics get the most reaction from readers and you can imitate that approach. Then you can use a similar approach on your own blog and see what type of reaction you get from your readers.

Think about it overnight

If you are still having difficulty coming up with blog topics, go to sleep and try to clear your mind of everything. When you wake up the next morning, try to grab onto the first thing that is in your head and see if you can use that for your blog. Put it down in a notebook so that you don’t forget the idea. Then, try to develop a blog that centers around that idea. You may be surprised at how creative you were during the night and into the next day. Clearing your head the night before can be very beneficial and it can cause you to simplify your thought process and to really get to the heart of your creativity.


Continually coming up with fresh and creative blog topics can be challenging at times. However, if you try different approaches to gathering ideas, you may be surprised at how many wonderful topics you are able to come up with and continue to come up with over time. Speak with other people and their words and ideas may very well be a source of inspiration for you. Your consistently wonderful content is the reason that people keep coming back to you over and over again. The tips that were discussed here will help you to keep that momentum going strong.

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Carolyn Cohn

Co-Founder and Chief Editor at CompuKol Communications LLC

Carolyn Cohn is the Chief Editor of CompuKol Communications LLC. Mrs. Cohn has a wealth of experience in business writing as well as having a strong editorial background. She manages all of the company’s writers, journalists and editors as well as writing, editing and publishing several business articles a week on a consistent basis, which are syndicated globally.

Mrs. Cohn has run several editorial departments for other companies. She has over 25 years of editorial experience and her expertise covers a wide range of media, such as online editing, and editing books, journal articles, abstracts, and promotional and educational materials.

Throughout her career, Mrs. Cohn has established and maintained strong relationships with professionals from a wide variety of companies. The principle that governs her work is that all words need to be edited.

Mrs. Cohn earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo.

Mrs. Cohn is a member of the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA).

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