Educating Our Children About Social Media


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There are all sorts of social media tools that are made especially for our younger population. It is a really excellent idea to get our children used to using social media from early on.

There are numerous apps (applications) available that are specifically suited to children of all different ages. If children begin to be exposed to social media at the same time that they are learning other things, the information will be absorbed easily and by the time they are older, they will be very knowledgeable and extremely adept.

Learning by imitation

Children take in a great deal of information around the all of the time. They watch you using all sorts of technology and they naturally try to imitate what you do. If social media is a regular part of your daily practice, it will become a regular day of theirs. If your small children are interactive on social media now, just think about their potential in the future. There are many benefits to this. One of the most important benefits is the idea that your children will most likely be more knowledgeable about a lot of things before they actually start school.

How young is too young?

You might be wondering what age is too young for a child to be exposed to social media and other technologies. As a parent, you want to give your child (or children) as much exposure and as many advantages as you can and this approach totally lends itself to that. One of the extremely positive results that social media will have on your children is that it provides them with new ways to interact and communicate. Having an expanded repository of communication skills will give your children the opportunity to be creative when it comes to dealing with their relationships with other people. If one form of communication doesn’t work for someone, they may find it difficult to get their point across if there are no alternative communication methods from which to choose. If, on the other hand, other means of communication are available to them, one way or another, they will succeed at getting their point across and strengthening their relationships.

On certain basic levels, children as young as 2 or 3 years old can learn to communicate through social media. Obviously, the level of sophistication involved will be much lower earlier on; however, children are like sponges when it comes to learning and you will be surprised at how quickly they absorb information. There are all sorts of tools that are available that help children to communicate and interact. As we speak, many others are being developed as well.

Social media and social interactions

One of the more popular concepts is the idea that Facebook can be used more sensibly by children as well as by adults. What I mean by sensibly is that children don’t have to use it just to speak with their friends. They can use Facebook, Twitter, and many other popular social media channels for learning and growing purposes. Of course, you need to have confidence and a feeling of security in the idea that your child will use social media the way that you want him or her to use it. Of course, you must be cognizant of the messages that your child (or children) are sending and make certain that they understand the potential perception of their messages online.

Allowing your children to grow with their social media experience

As social networking develops, it is important that your children develop with it. As the parent, it is very important that you monitor the social media channels for your children and it is an excellent idea for you to constantly research what is available and whether it will be beneficial for your children. Many social media site nowadays have educational elements incorporated so that whoever is using that site will have an opportunity to learn as they go.


It is apparent that social media is rapidly becoming more and more important for the generations that follows yours. With that in mind, it is extraordinarily important to make sure that the exposure that your children get to social media uses the tools that are available to their fullest potential. Social media is an incredible tool with a huge amount of potential. It is important to use it to help our children learn and grow in every way possible. It is high time that the negative reputation that social media may have when it comes to children engaging be turned around and a more positive (and deserved) spin be associated with children learning from social media.

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