A Definition of Social Media Marketing


The definition of social media marketing is “Online communities formed by Internet users by taking help of technology.” In simpler terms, social media marketing can be explained as a method of change on how people access information for reading, writing and sharing purposes. Hence, such a method is an amalgamation of sociology and technology or a better way to disseminate information. This also helps people to make a shift from being the readers into becoming the publishers by democratization of information, news and data.

As this mode of networking has become more and more popular, it benefits in connecting with the world on any platform such as personal, political and business.

The following are some of the features of social media marketing:

  • A technology for everyone: Unlike the period where everything was exclusive and paid for, technology such as this is free for all to use.
  • Making the World Wide Web a much bigger place: since social media is an online process, the use of the Internet helps immensely in reaching out to a wider audience.
  • User-generated content: Content such as pictures, videos, blogs, news, information or any other kind of data used to be the specialization of a privileged few. Well, not anymore, as advancement in online technology makes it easier for anyone to float content on a social media platform.
  • It is handy and scalable: Accessible to the public, social media can now be used by a diverse set of users. This not only provides people with tremendous opportunities but also provides easy-to-access information and tools to work for the person’s convenience.
  • An information diffusion mode: The process changes how people read, share or collect information and thus social media is very much capable of distributing information at a faster pace.
  • A constructive way to build relationships: With the help of social media marketing, people can easily share information with others. This ensures that a better relationship is built with social media as the base. 
  • Connecting with others: There lies a tremendous opportunity to make real and meaningful connections with prospective customers. It provides a better perspective to human relationships. This personal perspective helps many businesses to find a way to establish the network with their customers and promote their message in a better fashion.
  • From content readers to content publishers: Consumers are not only content readers but with respect to social media, they are also the content publishers. Hence, a valuable platform for people to share any kind of relevant content with their network of followers.
  • Brand power: Brand power is the best way to promote or publicize a brand or a product. What drives the media is the amalgamation of technology with the creativity and thus a whole new world for social media marketing is available for anyone to use.
  • Provision of customer service and relayed feedbacks: With the help of technology, a person can easily respond back to the customer’s feedback or even provide services by coordinating with his employees.
  • Influencing a generation: Convincing a person to follow a brand or a product is altogether another story. From suggesting the idea to its implementation and then its successful execution marketing can be an influential force in the industry.
  • Gain of good will: With the help of social media, good will can easily be generated for a company or a brand.


If used in a correct manner, social media marketing can be the next biggest revolution in the field of marketing. Hence its advantages can sure be a boon to the industry with exponential benefits as a result of its use.


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