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Megan Marie Ritter is an online journalist and technology enthusiast living in Southern California. In addition to writing about business communications today, her writing also covers social media and video marketing, business globalization, and virtual technology.

Megan grew up in California. She attended the University of San Diego, and graduated with a degree in Marketing. Megan is working on her master's degree at the University of Southern California. She has worked in marketing in financial institutions for 4 years. She spends her time researching her ever changing field and writing online publications to advise those working in the industry. You can reach Megan at @megmarieritter or on Google+.


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Combining Forces: How Marketing and PR Can Work Together

January 19, 2015

In a time where 50 hour work weeks, working from home, and working with multiple screens have become commonplace, needless to say, many job positions and careers are transforming. With societal trends and changes in the economy, expectations and responsibilities in the workplace change as well, and the fields of marketing and public relations are shifting too. Continue reading

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